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Recipe: Appetizing Homemade naan

Homemade naan. This recipe makes the best naan I have tasted outside of an Indian restaurant. I can't make enough of it for my family. I serve it with shish kabobs, but I think they would eat it plain.

Homemade naan The naan bread are stuck to the inside of the oven just like the picture below. In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, sugar, yeast, salt and anise seeds (if using). Add the yogurt mixture to the dry ingredients and mix with a fork. You can cook Homemade naan using 8 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Homemade naan

  1. It’s of Dry ingredients.
  2. It’s 500 g of self-rising flour.
  3. It’s 20 g of nigella seeds optional.
  4. It’s as needed of Salt.
  5. You need of Wet ingredients needed.
  6. It’s 3 tbls of oil.
  7. Prepare 75 ml of non-tart thick yoghurt.
  8. Prepare 100 ml of water.

To make the naan, whip up a batch of simple yeast dough that is moistened with yogurt, and let it rise for an hour. Then roll each piece out until it's nice and thin. (The thinner it is, the more it will bubble up!) Brush each side of the dough with some garlic butter. Homemade Naan Bread Recipe Soft, pillowy, homemade naan is easier to make than you think and it's great for sandwiches, pizza, dipping into soups and sauces, and more. How To Make Naan Bread At Home In The Oven?

Homemade naan instructions

  1. Mix flour all dry ingredients together.
  2. Add oil and mix. Then add the yoghurt. Mix it to resemble wet sand. Finally add water to the mix and make sure to knead the dough for about 5 to 7 minutes..
  3. Once kneaded, make balls from the dough and start forming oval shapes of naan bread. Arrange in the oven for 500° for 6 minutes to 8 minutes & add 2 minutes under broil mode (watch for temp; varies by model)..
  4. Add a mixture of garlic butter and chopped cilantro; if interested. Serve warm..

Naan bread can be made in the oven, and it can be cooked exactly the same way I do pita bread. How to Make Naan Bread: Combine dough ingredients: In a large bowl combine the flour, sugar, instant yeast and salt. In another medium sized bowl whisk together the warm water, yogurt, and olive oil. Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients until the dough starts to come together. Make Aarti Sequeira's Naan, or Indian Oven-Baked Flatbread, to go with an authentic curry, dal or stew, from Aarti Party on Food Network.

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