How to Cook Delicious Country Fried Oreos

Country Fried Oreos. We then each ate a fried Oreo. I said it was one of the best things I'd tasted in months. The warm batter on the cookie was soft.

Country Fried Oreos In a large bowl, combine pancake mix, egg, and milk. Working with one cookie at a time, dip Oreo into batter, turning to. Stir in the pancake mix until no dry lumps remain. You can cook Country Fried Oreos using 5 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Country Fried Oreos

  1. You need of pancake mix.
  2. Prepare of milk.
  3. It’s of egg.
  4. It’s of vegetable oil.
  5. Prepare of Double stuffed oreos.

Dip the cookies into the batter one at a time, and carefully place into the hot frying oil. Deep fried Oreos are made with buttermilk pancake mix, Oreo cookies, water, vegetable oil and sugar. After that, the buttermilk pancake mix is stirred with the water in a mixing bowl. The oreo cookies are dipped in the mixture, fully coating the oreos with the batter.

Country Fried Oreos step by step

  1. Pre-Heat the broiler and put oil in.
  2. Mix the pancake mix with milk and 1 egg and 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil.
  3. When all the ingredients are mixed in, dip each Oreo in the mix and into the broiler..
  4. When on side is golden flip to the other side then take it out..
  5. When you've done enough enjoy greatness.

Fried Oreos have become a classic carnival treat; however, you can customize the recipe in so many different ways! Cookies: Try different varieties of Oreos such as golden, peanut butter, mint or birthday cake. Coatings: Roll the Oreos in granulated sugar or cinnamon sugar instead of sifting powdered sugar over the top. Combine pancake mix, milk, eggs and oil. Mix until there are no lumps.